There be Mermaids!

I was bobbing along the bottom of the beautiful bright sea when my direct message from Instgram gave me a ding.  I checked it over and found a message from @Bellafantasiawigdesigns asking for help.  Suddenly I was on Tatooine looking at a hologram of a stressed out wig designer who had her entire project fall apart because a photographer had to back out.  Her message was clear it said “help me JRulison you are my only hope.” With the future of wig design in peril I knew I must get off my butt and try to help.

So what exactly did Shelli from BellaFantasiaWigDesigns need?  Well they needed someone who had access to a pool to shoot some in water and underwater photos of their waterproof wigs.  These wigs are marketed to the party companies where they have a mermaid attend a birthday party and possibly swim in a pool.  Simple enough except one small problem….I have never done pool work before the closest I have come is shooting water level at an olympic event from 20ft back from the edge.  Sports and mermaids are not the same thing.  That said we couldn’t be happier to try something like this out so that’s what we did.  Enjoy the work and yes I know it could be better but this was my first time and the underwater shots were done with a very weak camera that I didn’t learn all it’s bells and whistles until after the shoot.

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