Monthly Archives: August 2017


My Hero Academia with Brooke

So Brooke asked to come over and shoot on Thursday.  I really didn’t have anything setup in the studio to use so we ventured out to shoot at the park.  I was not super familiar […]

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Justin Holman and his many cosplays

I am going to keep this short.  A while back cosplayer Justin Holman reached out to me to do some photos.  The timing just never worked out and we kept delaying.  Finally I had an […]

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There be Mermaids!

I was bobbing along the bottom of the beautiful bright sea when my direct message from Instgram gave me a ding.  I checked it over and found a message from @Bellafantasiawigdesigns asking for help.  Suddenly […]

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Ali Williams PinUp

So when a friend asks you do shoot some pinup because they are weirded out by some other photographer you just do it.  Not only that Ali always makes it fun.  So here we are […]

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Enchanted & the missing photos.

So awhile back before Anime Expo I shot some photos of the wonderful Joanna Lynn Bert.  She dressed as Giselle from Enchanted and we headed to downtown LA for some photos.  Now somehow these images […]

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