Monthly Archives: June 2017


Cindy Aurum Final Fantasy XV

Working again on my white background for high-key images.  I asked for another test subject and Ashleigh Weasley stepped up with a great cosplay from Final Fantasy XV.  You will have to excuse my ignorance […]

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High-Key Pinup Photography

Recently I was asked by a cosplayer if I could potentially shoot high-key pinup photos.  This is a style I have seen become popular recently but I had never taken a crack at.  So with […]

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Game of Thrones Sansa

Hello and as you are aware the new season of Game of Thrones is almost upon us.  What does that mean?  Well it means that it is time for Game of Thrones cosplay.  No I […]

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X-Wing Pilot Hendo

So when my cosplaying friend Hendoart reached out and asked if I had sometime to shoot a X-Wing cosplay I was like “of course”.  I mean who wouldn’t want the challenge of photographing something so […]

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It’s Rachie Bitch

So everyone has wanted to get involved in my little circus.  The problem is there is only sooo many characters to choose from and if you can’t make another character you just can’t participate.  Well […]

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Ghoulcrest Hunting Club

So a friend of mine asked me if I would be able to take some dark portraits of a group of Wasteland Warriors.  Specifically a group from the Ghoulcrest Hunting Club which is a hunting […]

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