Circus Harley Quinn

So when I decided to do a live stream last week it was random that I was talking to Des about it.  She was totally down to come over and do a live photoshoot.  So with that said we needed to come up with ideas.  Now Des is practically a professional Harley Quinn actress so of course ideas around Harley were the driving focus.  We did think about Mad Moxxi as well but really we kept coming back to Harley.  When Des mentioned an idea for a Circus Harley I yelled “STOP” and declared this the idea.  So with that in mind I went about coming up with a plan to build a set for our shoot.  I took and built a stage, backdrop, and put in the curtains.  The entire set came together over two days.  We could have done it one day but rain was hampering our efforts.  Now I should have finished up my EPIC Black Cat photos but this set like stole my breath so I am posting these first.  Stay tuned though because there is epic Black Cat with Sambam coming up very soon.

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