Monthly Archives: March 2017


Lara Croft at Stoney Point

I find friends in the cosplay community all the time.  A few months ago I went up to the mountains and took pictures of some amazing cosplayers and was introduced to a cosplayer I have […]

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Fallout at the Salton Sea

So I got this DM from OnlyAliCat where she was seeing if I was interested on doing a photoshoot out in several different abandoned locations.  First of all I was flattered and second of all […]

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Ali Williams Fashion Photos

I went out to the Salton Sea with an amazing group of people this week.  We did pretty much two sets of photoshoots the first was for Fallout which I will have posted up later […]

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Veronica Campbell Vintage Goddess

So after our first round of vintage photos we decided to do a second round one after Veronica had her surgery.  I have to say she looks so amazing in these photos and I couldn’t […]

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