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LBCE 2017 Day 2

Just like that the convention is done.  I spoke on our panel today we had a blast I think we had nearly a full house for our little room which is great.  I had a […]

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LBCE 2017 Day 1

Long Beach Comic Expo rain or shine we were there to take your pictures and have some fun.  Tomorrow we will be at LBCE and on a panel for Cosplay Photography 101 some come visit […]

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Cosplay Photographer Alliance Meetup 2

I am not going to take much time to write this post.  Needless to say we had our second meetup for the Cosplay Photographer Alliance and it was a booming great success in fact the […]

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I Dream of Tara

Tara Cosplay came by the house to do a photoshoot we have been planning forever.  When she originally revealed this cosplay I was completely ecstatic the vintage look the classic memories of my childhood came […]

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BlackCat & Mary Jane Watson

So round two that happened in the same day this is all from last Friday.  This is the third set of photos from the same shoot.  Elizabeth Rage and MaidOfMight really stepped up and put […]

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MaidOfMight Lingerie

Just in time for Valentine’s day we have MaidOfMight providing us with a special Lingerie photo set.  I was shooting Hendo and Elizabeth Rage the other day and invite MaidOfMight up to join us.  The […]

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Dapper Gwen Dapper Cat

All of your Marvel Dapper needs in one place.  When HendoArt asked me to this shoot I really didn’t understand what she had wanted.  Than when she showed up it all made since.  I had […]

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Cosplay in the Snow 2017

So we got a group of cosplayers and headed up into the mountains again for another outing of cosplayers in the snow.  To be honest I was planning on helping more than taking pictures.  I […]

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Boudoir & Valentines

These are some redone / re-edited images from a shoot I did last year with the awesomely talented Enasni Volz. I have been working hard on my editing process and I think I am really […]

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