Anime Los Angeles Day 3 2017

What an adventure Day 3 of Anime LA was.  I felt like I was stuck between two pillars but hey if the photos are coming out bomb you might as well keep going with it.  We also had a pervert creeper guy taking upskirt photos and other inappropriate angles.  Luck for us Alex and some other photographers stopped him and contacted security.  After security checked his cameras they found the incriminating images and called the police.  From the looks of things when we left he was being taken away in cuffs.  I was really on the ball for my technical skill this weekend so my editing was much faster than normal.  It really does pay to get the shot right the first time in the camera not in the post processing.  So I got my edits done quickly again and got the images out to you the general public on the same day once again.  I hope you enjoy these wonderful images and if I took a picture and you don’t see it it’s possible I held it up for other reasons you can always reach out to me via the email here

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