Monthly Archives: August 2016


Stunning Anastasia Romanov

I can’t begin to explain how amazing this photoshoot was.  First off the dress was made by Designer Daddy.  I know you are like who is this guy well he is one the best dress […]

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Endless Tees and LostWeasleyChild

So, I was on vacation and I asked if anyone wanted to shoot I got lots of requests but one of the first responders was one of my favorite cosplayers LostWeasleyChild.  She reached out and […]

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Catherine America with Tara Cosplay

So, I am off on vacation for a few weeks.  We went to Colorado and had some great time with my family.  We came back to California to celebrate some birthdays and to relax before […]

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Black Light Fun

So, my adopted daughter ItsBeeThorn came over to say hi because we just got back from vacation.  So of course what do we do we decide to do a quick photoshoot.  What we came up […]

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