WonderCon 2016

So many of you might be disappointed to find out that I only took photos for one day of WonderCon 2016.  First you have to understand that Saturday instead of being behind the lens I was in front of the lens.  For Saturday I cosplayed as Hodor from Game Of Thrones.  It was an absolute blast to walk around all day and just yell out Hodor.  I think I had my photo taken a few hundred times but I really did have a great time.  For Sunday I was planning on heading back to the convention to shoot but it was Easter Sunday and if you don’t know by now I am very much a family man.  Previously the convention was held in Anaheim which was pretty close to the in-laws.  So in years past it was easy for me to cover the convention for a few hours and then head over to spend the rest of the day with kids.  This year the convention was in LA and it parking was a nightmare the previous two days so I just decided to skip it all together.  No regrets!  Yes I did miss out on some amazing cosplays but frankly my family comes first.  That said I did get some great shots on Friday and man did I deliver.  I really hope you enjoy the show and feel free to share with your friends.

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