Monthly Archives: February 2016


Miss Kit Quinn

I get this question a lot “how did you get good at Cosplay Photography?”  The answer is Miss Kit Quinn.  Just shy of one year ago I was at WonderCon trying my hand with my […]

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Tinkerbell and Periwinkle

Had an amazing shoot on the books for a while.  We almost didn’t find snow but up and up we went into the mountains until finally we found some snow.  Actually it was with the […]

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LBCE Day 2

Here is the final round of LBCE.  Thanks again for everyone who let me take their picture.  I was sick and not feeling well and my leg was hurting but we still managed to get […]

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LBCE Day 1

I was out of town for an entire week so I didn’t get a chance to edit any of my LBCE photos.  So here is day 1 enjoy the wondering photos there is a lot […]

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Harley Quinn Valentines

This is part two of the shoot we did with Enasni Volz.  This is her amazing Harley Quinn.  If you have not met her at a con you are missing out.  Enasni becomes the characters […]

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Mad Moxxi providing some love.

Hey friends I am breaking this down into two posts.  One for Mad Moxxi the other for Harley Quinn.  The wonderful Enasni Volz came by the garage studio for a shoot of these two characters. […]

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Anime LA Day 3

I finished Anime LA day 3 skipping lunch and doing some edits in the last 30 minutes.  I am happy to provide these images.  I absolutely love taking cosplay photos you cosplayers make it so […]

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Anime LA Day 2 Part 2

Part 2 of the fantastical super images from Anime LA Day 2.  If you can’t find an image or you find one and you really want it BIGGER just let me know.

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Anime LA Day 2

Well Anime LA is all done for this year and all I can say is “Owww my aching back!”  I had such a fantastic three days at the convention.  I took over 1300 images on […]

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