Monthly Archives: December 2015


Bah Humbug / Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at Rulison Photography is a day we pull our creative minds out of storage.  I put together a shoot after seeing some amazing photos by another photographer who shot an actor dressed as […]

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Lady Gaga Cosplay

I recently scheduled a non-cosplay photoshoot in Santa Monica CA.  I purposely went out of my way to work with someone from outside of the cosplay community.  I booked a hotel room to work as […]

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3 Cosplayers 6 Cosplays

Man I must be insane.  I am trying to fit just a couple more shoots in before the end of the year.  This one was a single session with 3 cosplayers and 6 different cosplay. […]

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Mountain Cosplay Photo Adventure

So it all started with a post on my Facebook page.  I wanted to get up to the mountains feel the cold air and take some pictures.  I decided to open this up to any […]

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SuicideSquad Harley Quinn

Some time ago I found a cosplayer on IG that was cosplaying the new Suicide Squad Harley.  I reached out to her but unfortunately we were not able to schedule anything…until now.  The cosplayer is […]

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Harley for the Holidays

I few weeks ago I reached out to Amanda Levine on Instagram to see if she would like to get together and do a photoshoot.  To my surprise she agreed and said “When can we […]

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Black Canary for some Photo Play

It was about 12 noon on Friday December 4th when I decided I wanted to get some shots in.  Of course I first needed a subject.  I called over to DeathThornCosplay to see if they […]

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