Monthly Archives: November 2015


Sleepover Shoot with CallMeAgent_V and Porcelaintokyo

This is very similar to the pinup shoots I have been doing but really this is a sleepover shoot cosplay style.  Our two featured talents are CallMeAgent_V and Porcelaintokyo. Instagram: Porcelaintokyo / CallMeAgent_V

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Pinup with Hendoart and ElizabethRage

Here is the second set.  One more to go next up is Porcelaintokyp and CallmeAgent_V.  This shoot was conducted with NelsPhotos and JRulison.  I handled the lighting for all shots on both shoots.  Enjoy these […]

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Pinup shoot with LostWeasleyChild

So recently I have had a lot of cosplayers asking for pinup style shoots.  We had one a few posts back with CallMeAgent_V and now we are doing one with LostWeasleyChild and I have two […]

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