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Star Wars Cosplay

So a couple of weeks ago I heard that an epic Star Wars shoot was going to happen.  I found out Oscar from ocmphoto111 was the one leading the charge.  I asked if I could tag along if […]

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Bloody Mary / A Wolf Among Us

Photographer Lonny Sapikowski needed help.  His camera went down just a days before a shoot with his friend cosplayer Annie Escher.  Annie was going to be cosplaying at a local con as Bloody Mary from the […]

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#LBCC Day 2

You know I have to say thanks to everyone who follow me on Instagram and Facebook.  I do this only for the cosplayers and their fans.  I enjoy every minute I get to spend at […]

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#LBCC Day 1

LBCC was so intense.  This was one of the craziest shows I have ever been to.  That doesn’t sound right it was the craziest for me the convention itself was well planned and very efficient. […]

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Art Cosplay Expo Temecula

Hello friends.  I just want to give a big thanks to Tony over at ACE Temecula for inviting me out Friday night to cover the Cosplay Masquerade in Temecula.  What a great event filled with […]

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Anime California Day 3

Thank you so much to all the amazing cosplayers who let me photograph them.  All in total I capture 70 different cosplayers.  They are all gathered here below.  I want to thank you all again […]

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Anime California Day 2

Anime California Day 2 Here is the photos you have been waiting for from Saturday Day 2 of Anime California.  I just have to say what a great conference I really loved this one and […]

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