Spidey-Verse Super Shoot

I had such an amazing time shooting in down town Los Angels with multiple cosplayers and Nels Photos.  We used the Disney Concert Hall and Grand Park for our backdrops with this ultimate in Spidey-Verse super shoots.

Spider-Gwen played by Lostweasleychild Cosplay

Mary Jane Watson played by HendoArt Cosplay

Silk played by Elizabeth Rage Cosplay

Spider-Man played by Chris Villain

Phantom & Blue Lantern Spider-Man played by Sonic Spidey Cosplay

Here is a look at the behind the scenes provided by the ever epic Hendo Art Cosplay.

Special shoutout to my man Sanchith for helping out with lighting and just coming along for a good time.   You can follow him on Instagram at @da_gowda.






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