Mikasa from Attack on Titan

Thanks for checking out my latest post.  I have been working hard to schedule shoots at least one a weekend.  I was lucky enough to pull off two this weekend.  You already saw my post with the post apocalyptic video game cosplay Fallout.  My second shoot was not a dawn shoot but a dusk shoot and it was on Sunday.  For this shoot I got a chance to shoot a cosplayers BRAND NEW cosplay.  This means they just finished it and have yet to take it to con.  I was honored and privileged to photograph Ashleigh ( @lostweasleychild ) as Mikasa from Attack On Titan.  When photographing on location you run into all kinds of challenges.  We ran into wind issues twice, water issues, wardrobe issues,  and all I can say is just roll with the punches.  I wasn’t nearly as happy last night taking the pictures but with fresh eyes comes fresh happiness.

We seriously pulled off a great shoot.  Enjoy these images and of course contact me with questions or requests.




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