Prison City Derby Dames

Hello and thank you for coming back to my photo blog for more.  Last night I had the great privilege and fun to shoot two of the tough ladies from the Prison City Derby Dames.  For the people not local to Southern California this is a roller derby team.  In fact I should point out that the Dames have a up coming match.


Roller Derby is an exciting event and most importantly the players have more personality and character then almost any sport I have ever had the pleasure of photographing.

For this shoot we need to to be quick and we need to have some spark.  Which means I needed gels and something to professional wrap the light around each player.  For this we used a FJ Westcott rapid box for the wrap around soft light.  For the color or spark we used Rogue Flash Gels.  I love these they come in a easy to use folder and the holder on the flash is the best in the business.


In the photo above the flash is hanging on a Justin Clamp with a green gel and behind her.  The softbox is on a stand to the right and we flagged it with a Neewer Triangle reflector with the black side.


I have a color version of a similar shot in this group but this one the gel light was off.  So I decided to just use the softbox and in post adjust to black and white.  I like the effect it had on making her almost pop off the background.  As always I shoot RAW and make post adjustments using LightRoom.  Enjoy the images below and pleas sure both the page here and my Facebook Photography Page.


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