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Cosplay Shoot with Harley Quinn and Harley Jinx

Today we got a chance to take some pictures with the ever lovely LostWeasleyChild cosplay.   Her real name is Ashleigh and she agreed to go on a hike with us to take some pictures […]

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Deaththorn Cosplay – Kairi KH2

So fathers day is here and I got the most amazing gift just slightly early.  My wife got me a Profoto B2 travel kit.  What is this you ask well it’s a off camera lighting solution […]

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Ring Lights

So I have taken ownership of a used Alien Bees 800 ring light.  I decided to give it go.  I first asked the wife to be my test model which went over as it normally […]

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LA Cosplay Con Holly S#!T

  LA Cosplay Con 2015 So I should make something very clear.  I have been a photographer for a while.  I have been a cosplay photographer for a very short time.  The first time I […]

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Prison City Derby Dames

Hello and thank you for coming back to my photo blog for more.  Last night I had the great privilege and fun to shoot two of the tough ladies from the Prison City Derby Dames. […]

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Sunset @ Huntington Beach Pier

So after digging through my old camera box I came across one of my favorite tools.  I cam across a B&W 3.0 ND filter for 77mm lenses.  It only took me a second to figure […]

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Cycling Portraits

So a friend asked for some pictures for her cycling team.  I agreed to the project on the condition that I could use the images here on my blog.  We set out to do the […]

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