Catch Lights

I have been working on setting up some portrait setups that specifically add some interesting catchlights.  For this shot I used two Neewer 43″ triangle 5-in-1 reflectors with the silver reflector out.  I learned a hard lesson on this one.  The grip handles on these inexpensive reflectors can not support the weight horizontally without additional support.  After breaking both handles I put them back together and banded them with support via tie-wraps.  I used a light stand under for the additional support and had no problems from then on moving forward.  For the main light I used a WestCott Rapidbox directly overhead.

Reflector Setup

In this setup the light from the main light reflects up and causes some great catchlights in the eyes in the subject.



Below is just a few images I did with my girls take a look and see how these turned out.  If you have any questions contact me directly.

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