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San Francisco at Night

By NASIM MANSUROV originally found on San Francisco is such a beautiful city to photograph. Although I have been there for almost two weeks now, my busy and hectic schedule has been preventing me from being […]

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Exposing to the Right Explained has a great article posted about ETTR.  This is a great method when used correctly and can really make for some dynamic pictures.  I highly recommend that you pop over to their site and […]

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CosPlay Photography Do’s and Don’ts

The first convention I ever went to I was around 14 or 15 years old.  I fell in love right then and there because of the cosplayers.  The people I saw dressed up in the […]

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Using Slow Shutter Speed to Stop Motion

Most of the advice you can read online will tell you to work with a shutter speed that’s short enough to ensure sharpness and remove motion blur. That is unless you’re shooting landscapes in which […]

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I knew going in that Sunday was going to be hard.  Not only would I not have a my quickbox but I would be handling the kids as well.  The kids consist of Justin 12, […]

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The event coordinators made this a much more difficult event to cover.  Why???  They added security and now have photographers (who are staying outside the event) have badges as well.  I heard from several CosPlayers […]

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Well in one word ‘BEAT’ or maybe ‘EXHAUSTED’.  My fitbit clocked in at 8.79 miles.  Yeah that of course doesn’t include the standing around time.  My feet are at a level of pain I have […]

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Waterfall Photography Tips

I found this article on Waterfall tips and wanted to share it with everyone.  Again this comes from the wonderful site  One of the tips that caught my eye that I wish I would […]

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